.Hi, I am Patricia Sweeney and I started High Mountain Massage 22 years ago in Crested Butte, Colorado.  I originally went to college for biochemistry with an emphasis on pre-med...graduated, moved to Colorado, became a ski-bum/try and figure out what you want to do for your life woman.  I knew I wanted to help people heal, discovered massage, went to school in San Diego, California, went back to Crested Butte and hung my shingle. 
     I have been living in Wilmington, VT for 19 years now and enjoy snowboarding, gardening, hiking, art, music and playing/learning with my two teenagers.  I recently graduated from a three year program in clinical herbalism, and have started a community clinc.  I have been studying the medicinal uses of plants since 1988, when I graduated from college, and my passion grew to the point that I needed to get certified so I can share my knowledge and understanding of plants for health and well-being.  I have my own line of herbal medicines and products and an apothecary, along with other lines of herbal/plant based preparations and healthcare items, for my clients and the public.  The website for my herbal business is www.dandelionsapothecary.com and is currently under construction (thank you for your patience!)  
     Dandelion's Apothecary and High Mountain Massage are located at 78 Route 100 in West Dover, Vermont...you will see my "You Need A Massage" sign out front along with a beautiful wooden sign for Dandelion's Apothecary!  Bulk herbs and spices are  available along with holistic and natural healthcare products (most are locally handcrafted) and other gifts and items for physical and spiritual well-being.  Massage and clinic appointments are taken Tuesday-Saturday (sometimes more for holiday weekends) and specific storefront/massage hours are posted weekly on the front door along with both websites.  Anytime you see the flag out we are open!
     Also available at our location is Lorraine Chastant, offering Couples, Families, and Individuals therapy.  She takes most insurances and can be reached at 914/ 906-5940 and lorrainechastant.com.  My daughter, Aspen, will occasionally be working in the storefront, taking appointments and helping everything run smoothly here. We still have more work for a massage therapist if anyone knows one, or is one....we are hiring.
     Please stop by and see what's new and you can  also like us at Dandelion's Apothecary (don't forget the apostrophe) on Facebook for upcoming events!

Thanks for your
patience and support, 
Patricia, Kyla & Abby

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